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Transaflow Multi-use Tubing CT & MRI

Transaflow Patient Lines

Multi-Use 12hr Day Sets

Dual Syringe Multi-Use tubing solution

Transaflow Multi-Use 13 Mono-Filling System

UP TO 12 HOURS: Our Multi-APS filling systems are suitable for a multiple patient use in CT and MRI. They can be used with all common double- and single-head injectors and thus fit contrast media applications with or without saline.

HIGHEST PATIENT SAFETY: Our unique filling systems contain four high quality check valves as well as a self-sealing Luer-Lock adapter, which can be disinfected after each disconnection of the patient line. Therefore, the Transaflow Multi-APS safety systems offer the best possible and most hygienic safety for the patient and the user.

EASY HANDLING: The handling of the system in the everyday clinical life is easy and convenient. Due to the color codes of the patient lines, confusions can be prevented. The patient lines are available in various lengths and two different kinds: straight/PWL and spiraled/PWLS.

CLOSED SYSTEM: The Transaflow Multi-APS safety filling system, in combination with the patient lines (PWL/PWLS) offer all benefits of a closed system – it is sealed, and does neither drip nor stick. The Transaflow Multi-APS safety filling systems are certified by the German Society for Hospital Hygiene (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Krankenhaushygiene e.V.).


Mutli-Use 12hr Day Sets

Transaflow Multi-Use 23 Dual-Filling System

One fits all solution! With Mikro-Spikes for all sizes of Contrast Media Containers. 

PHT / DEHP and not made with natural rubberlatex

Certified by German Society for Hospital

Hygiene (DGKH)

Quality “Made in Germany”

Multiple application up to 12/24 hr

Closed system

Highest hygienic safety

Non-drip, non-clog

Additional variants, e.g., for scan bags or prefilled

pressure syringe injectors available on request

Unmatched usability

Our 12hr certified systems allow a standardized routine in radiology. Independent of manufacturer, all Transaflow Multi-APS systems can be used with syringe injector both in CT and MRI

Visit Our Instructions For Use Here

Visit The Multi-use Day Set Brochure Here

Transaflow Patient Lines

Transaflow PWL 150/200cm





Transaflow PWL 150/200 cm

Straight patient line with a lentgh of 150 cm  (59 inches) and 200cm (79 inches) available.


Both, our Transaflow patient lines as well as our Transaflow Multi-APS safety filling-systems are manufactured in Germany. 

Every Transaflow patient line has a uniquely mastered germ barrier which keeps germs or viruses of any kind back. Thus, this germ barrier prohibits a bacterial or viral contamination of the Transaflow Multi-APS safety filling system.*

Thanks to the color coding of our luer-lock connectors, the Transaflow patient line and our Transaflow Multi-APS safety can easily be connected the right way (blue to blue). 

  • Standard P: 21 bar (305 PSI)

  • Latex free

  • PHT/DEHP free

  • Sterile

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