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Our Environmental Commitment and Policy

CamHealth is committed to managing all aspects of our operations in an environmentally responsible manner at all times. We care about the environment, and we ask our customers to do the same.

To ensure environmentally responsible behaviour is accepted as an integral part of our operations, we specifically undertake to:

  • Establish an Environmental Management System in order to help systematically reduce our impacts on the environment

  • Identify and distribute devices and products which lessen the impact on the environment in Australia, and example is our range Ulrich Medical Syringeless Injectors

  • Use landfill-biodegradable packaging materials where possible

  • Use 100% carbon neutral shipping services where possible

Ulrich Medical Environmental Policy:

  • Prevent pollution occurring from our activities and operations

  • Conduct operations in compliance with relevant local environmental regulations, licences and legislation

  • Communicate this policy to our employees and the wider community

  • Educate our employees and contractors on their environmental responsibilities and ensure this is integrated into their work practices, training and decision making

  • Continuously improve the environmental performance of our company


Application of this policy

This policy applies to all business operations and functions, including those situations where workers are required to work off-site.


CamHealth's shipping services for injector consumables are now 100% carbon neutral, at no extra cost.


Landfill-biodegradable packaging materials are now used for shipping where possible. 

Landfill-biodegradable plastics incorporate an organic food source additive in the plastic at the time of manufacture. When disposed to a landfill they attract naturally occurring microbes that exist in there. The microbes seek out the food and in the process the enzymes they secrete break down the long polymer molecules where they can be digested too. The resulting products of the biodegradation are a biogas and a biomass (humus).  There is no plastic residue left or any toxic constituents. “Landfill biodegradable” plastics can be recycled. They can also be composted in a municipal or commercial compost facility. 

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CamHealth Environmental Policy

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