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ulrich MRI Max3

Syringeless Contrast Injector

CamHealth - exclusive distributors of the ulrich CT Motion contrast injector for Australian and New Zealand.

The MRI Max3 Syringeless contrast injector is the gold standard in contrast injector technology. The new generation of MRI power injectors uses the Easy-Click-Cassette which provides unequalled advances in hygiene, safety and efficiency. The system only needs to be prepared once a day and is then ready for use for 24 hours.

Due to the two-part tubing system, only the patient tubing needs to be changed for each patient – the Easy-Click-Cassette can remain in place in the injector for 24 hours for as many injections as desired. With the MRI Max3, a patient changeover takes only a few seconds.

Contrast bottles up to 200mL and saline bags are spiked directly onto the system, reducing wastage and increasing contrast efficiency. Seamless switching between 2 contrast bottles ensures all contrast in the bottle is utilised.

Wireless operation through battery and WiFi connectivity removes the need for messy cables.


Setup Made Easy

Pump tubing can be used for 24 hours - setup once per day

  • Insert pump hose

  • Connect patient tubing

  • Attach contrast media bottles and saline bag

Patient Changeover in Seconds

  • Detach patient tubing

  • Connect new patient tubing

  • Prime

Setup Made Easy

Easy-Click-Cassette can be used for 24 hours - setup once per day

  • Insert Easy-Click-Cassette

  • Connect patient tubing

  • Attach media bottles and saline bag

         Watch the Setup Video

         Watch the Preparation Video

  • Ulrich MRI Max3 Setup Video
  • Ulrich MRI Max3 Preparation Video

Patient Changeover in Seconds

  • Detach patient tubing

  • Connect new patient tubing

  • Prime

         Watch the Patient Tubing Change Video

  • Ulrich MRI Max3 Patient Tubing

Designed for maximum hygiene and safety

     A closed system is created ensuring maximum levels of hygiene. One way valves ensure a positive flow system.

     Patient side air detectors provide protection again against air injections. 

     TGA Certified Device.

     Easy-Click-Cassette certified for 24 hour use.

     Innovative SafeConnect provides optimal contact protection at the connection between patient tubing and the Easy-Click Cassette

Economical and environmental

     Patented technology in combination with two-part tubing system provides a significant saving on consumables cost. The more patients per day, the more economical the injector becomes. 

     Savings in contrast media wastage, as all contents of the bottle are utilised.

     Reduced volume of wastage - only the patient tubing is disposed of after each patient.

     Increased patient throughput and more efficient workflow for staff.



Advantages at a Glance

Simple and Stress Free

  • Setup once per day

  • Very fast patient changeovers

  • Intuitive operator control concept - very easy to use

  • Wireless operation through battery and WiFi connectivity

Economical and Efficient

  • Low disposable cost

  • Optimal contrast management - two contrast connections, allowing for high volume contrast bottles

  • Efficient workflow for high patient throughput

  • Reduced wastage volume

Hygienic and Safe

  • Closed system

  • Direct injection from original contrast media containers

  • Automatic air monitoring

  • SafeConnect with contact protection

  • Safe for the patient and user


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